Spread the Kindness

When the crisp autumn air started to turn colder and the nights grew longer in early November, Human Kindness Club and Curbside Church teamed up to help people on Skid Row in Los Angeles, serving sustenance, warmth, and hope.

“We would go together to Skid Row in Los Angeles on Sunday nights at midnight and hand out blankets, coffee, and food, and we’d play music,” Human Kindness Club, Community Outreach Director, Karla VandenBerg said.The response was incredible.”

She told the story of one young man in his 20s, who was athletic, and looked like played college football.

“He ended up down there. We could tell he was a little different, so we took him aside and gave him some running shoes. He didn’t have any nice shoes and shoes are a big thing,” VandenBerg said.

When they gave him the shoes, she said, he got tears in his eyes.

“We asked him when the last time he did drugs was? He said earlier that day and he started crying. A man from Curbside gave him his phone number. So, we actually helped a couple individuals, we just try and make a difference.”

About 75 people who came to the table they set up, making contact, grabbing a blanket or coffee, sharing conversation, and for some, making an important connection.

“I’m not sure if he came off the drugs, but that evening, we gave him hope. They were really grateful. It’s just all about hope, right? Because without hope, you don’t have anything,” VandenBerg said.

Human Kindness Club is a nonprofit charitable organization that wants to help make a difference in the world by perpetual giving.

“Our goal is to provide assistance to those in need, perpetually. We are committed to supporting those in need, through our own perpetual charitable monetary giving program, our global volunteer services, and soliciting donations to allow for our continued program longevity,” Founder and President, David Parrish said. “The Human Kindness Club works diligently, with the help of our members and volunteers, to uplift people around the world.”

Spread the Kindness