HKC & Curbside Church

Human Kindness Club and Curbside Church are helping the homeless in Oro Grande, California.

“Thank you so so much Human Kindness Club for your generosity to make this happen as we gave to the children in the high desert” – Curbside Community Church

“Once again thank you Karla Schmick-VandenBerg and Human Kindness Club we were able to give out 300 stuff bags to the children no children went without at this event” – Curbside Community Church

A Message From Curbside Community Church

“Dear Karla Schmick-VandenBerg Director Community Outreach ,

Thanks to Human kindness Club we were able to provide food for the less fortunate children,  parents senior citizen those that are less fortunate we were able to take them groceries bring them a hope and a future that we all matter in this world and that we have not been forgotten thank you once again human kindness club for investing and trusting in us to give to those that are less fortunate.”

– Curbside Community Church