We Help.

We help those less fortunate through direct outreach.


We Care.

We care by donating our money to helping those less fortunate.


We Support.

We support other causes and charities with money and supplies.


Charity Golf Event

Join us for a great day of golf and support the Wounded Warrior Project and Make-A-Wish Foundation.


about human kindness club

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide assistance to those in need, perpetually.  We are committed to supporting those in need, through our own perpetual charitable monetary giving program, our global volunteer services, and soliciting donations to allow for our continued program longevity.  The Human Kindness Club works diligently, with the help of our members and volunteers, to uplift people around the world.

about Donating

How it works

Donating: Your one time donation will be used to support our many causes around the world. 100% Tax-deductible gifts. Help Where Needed Most.

Perpetual Giving: Many perpetual gifts made to the Human Kindness Club are monthly are as little as $10. Together they add up to millions for food for the hungry, helping bring clean water to people in need, many other worth while causes, and overall sustainability.

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What We Do


We support good causes. We give our time, and money to hundreds of causes and charities.

Perpetual giving

Perpetual giving is an easy, automatic way to support the causes you care about. It is convenient, customizable, and helps ensure a steady source of funding forever.


Another way to support is by joining us at one of our many fundraising events. They are fun, rewarding, and a great way to support a great cause.


Helping others is the first step in making the world a better place and improving the lives of those who are not as lucky as you.

Organizations we support
Give today

Make a Donation

We Need Your Donations! Your generous donations make a big difference in the lives of many. Your donation is needed and appreciated!

Matching Donation

Double Your Donation TODAY!

THIS CLUB IS SPECIAL! When you donate through the Human Kindness Club your donations will be matched DOLLAR TO DOLLAR by secret private donors!


Monthly contribution of $10

Member will receive:
• Human Kindness Club membership certificate.


Monthly contribution of $25

Member will receive:
• Annual Tax preparation*
• Leather King James Bound Holy Bible
• Human Kindness Club membership certificate


Monthly contribution of $100

Member will receive:
• Human Kindness Club membership certificate.
• Annual Tax preparation*
• Leather King James Bound Holy Bible
• The Ten Commandments engraved on 1 ounce of silver bar

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